A new initiative to raise awareness of accessible destinations and businesses is being initiated by VisitEngland.

The aim is to inform disabled people of accommodation and visitor attractions when planning a day trip or holiday.

The Access for All campaign is being funded by a €125,000 grant from the European Commission following pilot project with four destinations in 2013/14.

The domestic tourist office has since been working with seven local destination partners across the country to create a series of access guides covering coastal, countryside and city destinations.

These include: Kent, Birmingham, Lincoln, Northumberland, Peak District and Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Brighton.

A total of 56 businesses are involved in the project, including a mix of accommodation and attractions such as Lincoln Cathedral, Brighton & Hove Buses, Chatsworth House, Turner Contemporary, Hotel La Tour, Vindolanda Roman Fort and Nottingham Belfry.

VisitEngland research highlights that the overnight accessible tourism market is worth £3 billion to the English economy, with day visits bringing the figure up to £12.1 billion. 

Overnight trips by disabled travellers and their companions have increased by 19% with spend up by 33% over the past few years.

VisitEngland chief executive, James Berresford, said: “The accessible tourism market is worth a sizable £12.1 billion to the English economy and many tourism businesses are realising that catering for disabled customers is not only a necessity but a wise investment that brings a host of business benefits.

“Many of the changes businesses make may be small, but combined contribute significantly to the visitor experience.”