Travelzoo is poised to launch its first European television advertising campaign next week.

The off-the-wall advert, which is designed to surprise the viewer, will premiere in the UK on June 21 on Sky Atlantic, during the premiere of True Detective Season Two, and will run in Germany from June 18. 

Its theme – which will become clear on watching – was seen as a way of making the most of the unusual ‘zoo’ part of the brand’s name.

The ad is based around the creative concept of the ‘Travelzoo Feeling’ – defined by the company as the moments of joy Travelzoo members experience when they snap up a deal that “exceeds their expectations”.

The company, which now has more than four million UK members, felt the time was right to branch into television advertising in Europe.

UK Managing director Joel Brandon-Bravo said: “We have traditionally used online channels to grow our membership.

“Through surveying we found out people either loved our brand or hadn’t heard of us.

“We also thought it was appropriate with the growth of dual screening, with people browsing while watching television.

“It was quite a big ask back in the day when people would see a television advert and have to go and power up their computer to do something about it.”

The ad will run across daytime and primetime advertising slots on a mix of UK terrestrial and digital channels.

Glyn Owen, Travelzoo’s head of marketing in the UK, said: “The Travelzoo Feeling concept is about the notion of true success on holiday – getting a top-notch experience at an unbeatable price.

“In our advertisement this is shown through our two main characters whose inner feeling of joy bursts out into animalistic exuberance that is spontaneous, unselfconscious, joyful and impossible to keep in.”

Travelzoo worked with Big Al’s Creative Emporium to develop the campaign and with Park Village to shoot it, at a private property in Mallorca.  MNC were appointed as the media buying agency.

The director of the ad is Remy Cayuela, a young comedy director from Paris, and the voiceover artist is John Lloyd of Blackadder and Spitting Image fame.

Travelzoo will also run a social media campaign until the end of July using #TravelzooFeeling – participants can submit a photo or video of themselves that captures their Travelzoo Feeling, and the best entry will be awarded any Top 20 deal.