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British and German holidaymakers are as bad as each other when it comes to hogging sunbeds, according to a new study.

A third of respondents to a holiday ‘honesty survey’ admitted to making the early morning towel run to reserve a sunbed on the beach or by the pool.

More than 9,500 adults from the UK, US, China, Canada and Germany were asked by Travelzoo to own up to their worst holiday habits.

The research revealed that two in every three Americans admitted to peeing in the pool or the sea, closely followed by half of Canadians and 46% of Britons.

Americans are also the biggest culprits when it comes to heading home with free toiletries – 69% owned up to it compared to 45% of UK holidaymakers and one in five Germans.

Ten per cent of Germans admitted to cheating on their partner on holiday compared with 5% of Brits and 2% of Canadians.

Fitting in time to plan a summer getaway can be tricky, with many of us sneaking a few minutes to research our holiday options during working hours.

More than a third (40%) of Brits admitted to conducting holiday research in work hours. However, Americans (67%), Canadians (64%) and 70% of the Chinese were the worst culprits.

A quarter of Americans feigned illness to extend their holiday against 15% of Brits.

A Travelzoo spokeswoman said: “Us Brits love to grumble and moan about Germans hogging all the sunbeds at the crack of dawn, little did we know we are just as bad.”