Funway Holidays is to replace sales team members’ cars with Segways as part of environmentally conscious push starting from today.

The new green mode of transport coincides with the launch of the operator’s ‘Eco Reps’.

April also sees the start of a ‘Go Green’ campaign which will include guided Segway tours around agencies in the UK, encouraging agents to ditch regular modes of transport for a greener two-wheel option.

As the average speed of the Segway is only 12.5 mph this is expected to have an impact on the number of agencies visited, so Funway is recruiting additional members to its sales force with plans to have 20 ‘Eco Reps’ on the road.

The Segways have been customised specially for Funway including brochure storage boxes plus jukebox functions featuring music from the operator’s destinations – from US country music to chilled Barbados-style beats.

Marketing executive Rebecca Evans said: “We want to make a difference and the introduction of the sales team’s new transportation is the first step to keeping it green.

“As a leader in two-wheeled electricity mobility, the Segway offers the environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

“Each Segway will cost around £5,000 including the special design features, so this represents a significant investment for us but adds greatly to our green credentials and long term savings for the planet.”