Bridge Travel is offering customers the chance to book one-way journeys by air in its new Eurostar 2000 programme.

Brand manager Gary Grieve said the new feature is aimed primarily at people who live outside of the southeast of England and want to experience the Eurostar but fly home.

“Clients living in the Midlands and the north may want to fly directly home at the end of their holiday rather than return by Eurostar to London,” he said.

A weekend capacity squeeze has also prompted the operator to offer special weekday rates for travel to Bruges and Antwerp in the new programme. Grieve said savings of £65 can be made.

More emphasis has also been placed on twin-centre holidays.

“There is a high-speed train linking Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne which we are currently promoting in the brochure,” said Grieve.

Summer savers are also available in July and August. These include a price of £109 for one night in Paris or Brussels and also free one-way upgrades when visitors stay in a four or five-star hotel.

The operator is looking for a growth of 10% in 1999/2000.