Laura Denton

Age: 19.

Agency: Lord Street, Liverpool.

Educationals: none.

Comments: “I never thought of going to Turkey. I always imagined it would be dirty, but it was totally different from what I expected. The nightlife was lively and the local people were very friendly. I didn’t feel safety was a problem at all.”

Kevin Sansom

Age: 34.

Agency: Parkstone, Dorset.

Previous educationals: 15, including Canada, the US, Australia and Hong Kong.

Comments: “I had never been to Turkey before. I thought it was an excellent destination. We stayed in some nice accommodation and did some site visits, and I thought the standards were very good. I didn’t feel there was any problem with safety, although we were travelling around together most of the time.”

Michelle Cardy

Age: 19


Previous educationals: none

Comments: “I enjoyed the excursions. We went to a village and I went into a mosque for the first time. We also went to a primary school and learned some of the language. I was a bit nervous in shops because of the bartering, but it was okay.”

Andrew Tyrie

Age: 18

Agency: Westgate, Peterborough

Previous educationals: one,Disneyland Paris

Comments: “The highlights were the mudbaths, Turtle Beach and all the bar crawls with 200 people all wearing the same T-shirt. The Turkish people were so friendly and I had no problems at all.”

Hazel Street

Age: 39


Previous educationals: none

Comments: “Turkey was totally different from what I expected. It was so green and mountainous. I really enjoyed the sailing day, it was so laid back. We had problems selling Turkey last year, but now I will be more confident selling it.”

Melissa Peel

Age: 24

Agency: Kirkgate, Bradford

Previous educationals: Algarve and Majorca

Comments: “The Club 18-30 and Sunworld/Inspirations cabarets were excellent fun. I even tried the belly dancing, but I was not that good at it. Everyone got on really well, despite there being 200 people there.”