I have worked in travel for a number of years and for more than one company. However, Ihave yet to come across a company that treats its staff as badly as Co-op Travelcare. Let me explain.

The working conditions we are expected to put up with are appaling. The majority of branches in our region are working in temperatures of between 30C and 36C. The reason for this is that the company does not install air conditioning in its branches. We constantly have customers walking in and straight out because of the intolerable heat, they should work in it for nine hours a day. What is the “self-proclaimed people’s champion” doing about it. Very little.

Male staff have been informed they can order a short-sleeved shirt for the first time. As I write this letter no short-sleeved shirts have arrived. Perhaps they will come in November!

Some branches have been fitted with very small portable air conditioning units that have absolutely no effect at all. I know of branches purchasing their own fridges, out of their own pockets, to keep the constant flow of cold drinks chilled.

Can the Co-op not help? Are we to wait until somebody is very ill due to the unfit temperature before the company pulls its finger out?Or is it going to fit air conditioning and reimburse staff for the expense they have had to stay cool(ish)?I know where my money lies. My advice to anybody thinking of joining Co-op Travelcare is DON’T.

Name and address withheld