As we continue to revel in the glory of National App Week we have another new review for you from a professional in the field Michael Banks of tech company Corporate Group. This second of five this week looking at apps that you or your clients might find useful.

Travel Safe Pro 

What device(s) is this app available on?: Android 

What was the device used for this review?: Android 

Typical price?: £0.99 

Link to download the app: ‘com.mattneri.travel_safe&hl=en”>’ 

Link to instructions to set up the app: ‘com.mattneri.travel_safe&hl=en”>’ 

Is the user interface straightforward and easy to use?: Yes 

Is the app easy to set up?: Yes 

What does it do?: Travel Safe Pro lists information on all emergency services around the world, ensuring the user has quick and handy access in cases of an emergency whilst traveling abroad. It includes contact numbers for the police, medical and fire services, also the embassy for the travellers home country. The app is customizable by allowing the user to select their country of origin and the country they are traveling to. 

What was good about it?: This app’s so simple and easy to use, which is just what you need in an emergency abroad. It has a straightforward, sleek interface with intuitive functions and settings. It also provides each country’s telephone dialing prefix. The use of symbols and images, as apposed to words, and automatic ‘call’ function would all save time in a crisis and, crucially, the app automatically picks up the users approximate location. You don’t need internet access to use the app. 

What was bad about it?: There are no downfalls to this app – it does exactly what it says on the tin.  

Score (out of ten)?:  9/10 

Verdict: This app provides piece of mind while traveling. With this app on your phone, there’s no need to worry about trying to locate the nearest emergency services in an emergency, or trying to find Wi-Fi or work out how to use the device when crisis strikes. It’s simple, intuitive and hassle-free. It also doubles up as a very handy tool to find country dialing prefix codes.