Almost half (49%) of consumers still intend to go skiing this winter ‘if possible’ but more are planning to head to the slopes next season.

The proportion still holding out for a winter sports holiday before this season ends has declined by 10% from results in December prior to new lockdown rules and tighter government travel restrictions imposed on Monday to curb the spread of Covid variants.

A new poll of 5,000 people by the Ski Club of Great Britain found that of those still planning a holiday this winter, 64% have yet to book.

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An almost even split of ski holiday plans was revealed, with 51% likely to book their own travel, transfers and accommodation compared to 48% who will use a travel agent or tour operator.

Of the 32% not intending to ski this winter, 80% said they are likely to go next season – up from 75% in December.

‘Being vaccinated’ is the highest priority for the 19% who are ‘not sure’ about skiing this season, closely followed by low infection rates in the destination country.

The study discovered that 54% of consumers are still planning to travel in March, However, April ski holidays have seen an increase in interest from 12% in December to 28% but respondents are yet to book their holiday.

More than a third (36%) are planning to book their trip the week before they travel, and a further 48% are saying two to four weeks before they travel.

As many as 69% still plan to fly, 21% by Eurotunnel and 7% by ferry.

Less than half (45%) of those polled plan to change the way they travel due to Covd-19.

For types of accommodation intended to be booked, 44% will opt for a hotel, 22% apartment and 18% chalet. Only 22% changed their choice of accommodation due to Covid-19.

Crystal Ski Holidays and Hotelplan UK brands Inghams, Ski Total and Flexiski, have cancelled trips until February 12 and February 27 respectively, with plans beyond those dates yet to be made.

However, operators are reporting strong demand for winter 2021-22.

MoreVIP Ski saved as former boss leads acquisition of business