WIMCO Villas has created a Caribbean Travel Information Page to help customers and agents keep on top of various Covid restrictions in the region.

The villa specialist, which sells via travel agents, has listed whether different Caribbean islands require tests, the type of test required, and when they must be taken as well as what levels of quarantine are enforced.

President Stiles Bennet said: “For those of us in the travel industry, and for the travellers we all serve, today’s most important currency is information.

“The Caribbean winter vacation season is off to a fast start, with the number of travellers spending [the] Thanksgiving break in the islands exceeding expectations. Each island has its own unique entry requirements and protocols.

“As a leading villa rental and concierge services company, WIMCO Villa’s role is to provide clear and up to date information on what’s required to travel to each island and country in the region.”

You can view the list here.