The Civil Aviation Authority and VisitBritain have been called on to help ensure the UK is seen as safe for travel post-Covid.

Proposals from the government’s Global Travel Taskforce include a ‘flagship’ marketing campaign by the tourism organisation to promote the UK as an “attractive and safe place to visit”.

This will be will be “critically important in converting demand into bookings”.

MoreGovernment taskforce commits to tourism and aviation recovery

Promotional activity should be supported by “clear and consistent” government messaging that the UK is safe and open for travel.

This would be supported by Destination Management Organisations and the tourism sector alongside continued domestic promotion.

The aviation regulator will lead plans to create a system of assurance of air travel “helping increase consumer confidence and demonstrating the UK’s leadership”.

A separate health information campaign for travellers will be “critical” so that travellers have access to accurate and timely information to make informed decisions.

An effective communications push alongside the CAA and Public Health England should publicise the UK industry’s implementation of global guidance, “to boost consumer confidence and provide reassurance to encourage UK-based residents that global aviation is open, safe and secure”.

The taskforce report said: “It is critical to recovery that we: demonstrate the UK is safe; are clear on what measures are in place to protect people once they are here; show real confidence in the sector; and seek to establish travel corridors between safe areas.

“We also recognise that this is a dynamic situation and that we will need to adapt our approach over time.”

The Department for Transport is developing recovery plans for the aviation, maritime and international rail sectors, the taskforce said.

“The work is leveraging the full influence of the DfT to support recovery and to identify opportunities that now exist to address key strategic objectives.

“The recommendations in this report will provide a strong platform for the recovery plans.”

MoreGovernment taskforce commits to tourism and aviation recovery