Increased lockdown measures in Scotland could mean travel agents north of the border “will not last the year”, according to a leading consortium

Eleven local authorities in Scotland are due to move into Tier 4 restrictions for three-weeks from 6pm tonight, meaning high street agencies will be forced to close their doors and a ban on travel outside of local authorities unless for work or caring responsibilities.

Kelly Cookes leisure director at the Advantage Travel Partnership, which represents travel agent members in 48 locations in Scotland, said: “The ban on international and domestic travel across the majority of Scotland as a result of the new lockdown measures will further damage the travel industry there.

“Whilst we absolutely support measures to keep us all safe, the reality of the new lockdown means many of our travel agency members in Scotland will not last the year without a financial support package from the government.”

Cookes reiterated that 50% of jobs from Advantage members have been lost since March and the consortium’s survey results which showed that 80% will run out of cash by May with no support.

“We urge closer collaboration between the administrations of the devolved nations and the UK government to take into consideration the huge impact further restrictions will have on the travel industry across the country,” she said.