Escorted tour specialist Newmarket Holidays has unveiled a ‘Bonus Discount Sale’, offering discounts to customers who make bookings in September.

There will be a £100 discount per person on all long-haul holidays and £50 per person on all short-haul tours.

All bookings made during this period will be protected by Newmarket’s Flexible Booking Policy and Covid Cover Travel Insurance, which is available at no extra cost.

Richard Forde, trade sales manager at Newmarket Holidays, said: “Now more than ever, it is vital to be proactive.

“This last month, we’ve seen clear signs that consumer confidence is returning to parts of the market, so for next month, we’ve created a new offer to help nurture sales, and also to give our agents another useful tool to help them out when it comes to securing bookings.

“It’s fantastic to see the positive impact our Wellbeing Charter, Covid Cover Travel Insurance and Flexible Booking Policy have had in helping to inspire confidence in agents and customers.

“Clearly the market remains hugely challenging for us all, but we will continue to be proactive and do everything we can do to help agents secure bookings.”