Turkish low cost carrier Pegasus Airlines has relaunched domestic flights after Covid-19 restrictions grounded services for more than two months.

International services are due to restart in a second phase of the resumption process, according to chief executive Mehmet Nane.

The airline resumed links to 27 destinations on 39 routes within Turkey this week, including departures from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

Passengers will only be permitted to fly domestically if they have an HES code, providing information on travellers who have been exposed to the virus, which all airlines in Turkey must use,

Nane said: “The HES code is a new requirement that has been developed as part of the new measures from the Turkish Ministry of Health so that our guests can fly safely within Turkey; and to ensure that travel is managed during situations of increased risk.

“Under these new measures, it will not be possible to book tickets, check in online or at the airport, and thus to travel on domestic flights, without the HES code.

“In addition, all our guests will be required to wear masks at the airport and on board the aircraft.  There will be temperature checks at the airport.

“Our staff at the check-in counters will be assisting guests wearing visors.

“These and other similar measures will now be part of our lives, and we will continue to keep you informed as we progress.”