New government rescue flights will return more than 400 British travellers stranded across six South American countries.

Two transatlantic flights, from Costa Rica and Ecuador, are due to depart for Stansted on June 11.

Local ‘sweeper’ flights will take British travellers from Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Chile to connect to transatlantic services.

The London flights are due to depart from San Jose in Costa Rica and Quito in Ecuador.

They follows government charters from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Honduras bringing back more than 2,100 British travellers and their families.

Wendy Morton, Foreign Office minister for the Americas, said: “This is a complex operation with British travellers wanting to return home from across Central and South America.

“We have already brought home over 2,100 British travellers from the region on charter flights and these two additional flights will bring home hundreds more.

“Our teams across the region are doing everything they can to get as many people as possible home to their families and will continue to provide support to British nationals who remain.”

The FCO pledged that its consular teams across Central and South America will continue to provide support to any British travellers unable to return home so far.