The Latin American Travel Association has urged members to write to their local MP to call for a rethink of the government’s plan to implement a blanket quarantine on international arrivals from June 8.

Chief executive Danny Callaghan wrote to all Lata members with a templated letter to send to their member of parliament, and has also urged them to lend their support to a campaign against the plans from within the travel and hospitality sectors.

Callaghan said: “As I’m sure you know, the UK government has confirmed the requirement for any person arriving in the UK by air, sea or rail to quarantine for 14 days, from June 8th. This is a significant blow to our already beleaguered industry, as the declining rates of Covid-19 in many countries would seem to offer an opportunity for some tourism activity to resume.

“There is no doubt that there are still Covid-19 problems in Latin America, and we are some way off being able to expect unfettered tourism to the whole region, but the untargeted, blanket approach being adopted by the UK government is a concerning development.

“Even if short-haul, European tourism were able to restart it would offer some encouragement for our industry and demonstrate that opening our borders does not have to mean a second wave of Covid-19 infections.”

He added: “We urge you, your colleagues, and anyone else that has an interest in our industry, to write to your member of parliament and ask them to lobby the government to reconsider this proposal.”

Lata’s templated letter can be downloaded here. Those wishing to add their name to the second letter being sent to the home secretary on behalf of the travel and hospitality sectors should email