Ten government rescue flights will operate from South Africa from this weekend.

The repatriation British Airways charter flights for remaining British travellers left in the country due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions to return to the UK will run between May 23 and June 4.

The Foreign Office warned: “We do not plan any further such UK government repatriation flights from South Africa after that.

“Commercial international passenger flights are unlikely to be permitted by the South African Government for some time.”

Seven flights will run from Cape Town and three from Johannesburg.

Fares cost £693.89 per person from Cape Town and £688.37 per person from Johannesburg.

British travellers in Kwa-Zulu Natal or in East London are being advised to book from Johannesburg.

Those in the Western Cape or Port Elizabeth should book from Cape Town.

“Escorted buses will be provided to transfer passengers from Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London,” the FCO added.

“Vulnerable British nationals will be prioritised for these flights.”