Tui River Cruises is looking for “ordinary” people with “an insatiable desire to explore and discover new things” to be godparents of  yet-to-launch ships Isla and Maya.

For the first time Tui is looking outside the company to find godparents for its ships.

The line expects to have the positions confirmed before March 23 when it officially launches in Amsterdam.

Godparents will be able to test out the line’s new itineraries and make product recommendations, said Chris Hackney, Tui UK & Ireland’s managing director for cruise.

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Successful candidates need to explain to them in no more than 400 words what exploring means to them to be in with a chance of securing the position.

Tui will also launch a third river ship – called Skyla – next month but it is not yet known how Skyla’s godparents will be chosen.

Sue Stewart and Mandy Galloway, Tui River Cruises, February 2020

Marella Explorer godmothers Sue Stewart, Marella Cruises’ hotel operations manager, and Tui agent Mandy Galloway at the vessel’s launch in 2018. 

Hackney said: “TUI River Cruises has given us an opportunity to start new traditions and having our godparent’s role live beyond the launch event with them ‘river testing’ some of our itineraries and making ‘godparent recommendations’ will be invaluable.

“Traditionally a ship’s godparent is a godmother but this role is open to anybody over 18 – they just need an explorer’s mindset.

“Exploration means something different to each and every one of us. It may mean discovering an unknown beach in an exotic location to some, whereas for others it’s as simple as finding new paths to walk in the woods, visiting new destinations on their doorstep or the thrill of taking a selfie at a world famous landmark.

“We’re not looking for extreme mountain trekkers or arctic explorers, but ordinary people who are curious, open minded and like to travel.”

To apply click here. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed over Skype before the successful candidates are told by February 26, 2020.