New Brexit guidance has been issued by Abta to explain the latest developments following the UK’s exit from the EU on Friday.

The travel association is also stepping up its activity to highlight the industry’s priorities to the UK government and EU member states ahead of the start of trade talks.

Industry priorities include a comprehensive air service agreement to protect flights, replacing the mobility benefits of the EU Posted Workers Directive, and retaining reciprocal healthcare.

The UK also needs to open discussions with third countries, including Switzerland, around access for occasional coach services.

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Abta remains actively engaged with the government and EU, and recently held events in Brussels to maintain and extend direct contact with member states.

Head of public affairs Luke Petherbridge said: “The UK has now entered a period of transition until at least the end of December 2020, while the UK and EU negotiate a future relationship.

“During this time nothing will change for travellers or travel businesses.”

However, he added: “The risk of no-deal may have subsided for now, but there is much work to be done to help shape the UK’s future relationship with the EU to protect our industry and ensure the public can continue to holiday and travel with the same rights and freedoms as they have today.

“Throughout the process Abta has provided advice and guidance to customers and members on Brexit and will continue to do so.”

Abta will be addressing the topic of employment after Brexit at an event in London on February 24, entitled Brexit – The Immigration and Skills Challenge.