MSC Cruises has partnered with American football stars to promote an environmental campaign focused on coral restoration work at its new private island in the Bahamas.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve opened in December 2019 and passengers visiting the destination can learn about the coral reef research and restoration activities being carried out there.

Also supporting the campaign is the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee, because the annual Super Bowl event is being held in the city next month.

Video: MSC Save the oceans

The initiative uses the hashtag #SuperCoralPlay to encourage people to share news of environmental actions they are taking, such as reducing their carbon footprint or cutting down on plastics.

A campaign video starring the American football stars was filmed on Ocean Cay and shows the players singing a song called This Is My Era, inviting people to take action to cut emissions and help save the oceans.

Matthew McKinnon, MSC Foundation advisory board chair, said: “There has been a huge spike in interest about global warming and plastics but less awareness about the situation with coral reefs.”

He said the situation in Florida was critical and losing the coral reefs could see a quarter of marine life disappear.

“We are out of time, we have to act now. This campaign alerts people to the problem and lets them know what they can do to tackle climate change and support reefs,” he said.

Scientists and students from the University of Miami will be on the island researching how to grow ‘super coral’ which can better withstand the warming seas and help restore offshore reefs.

“The work being done at the university is incredible. The facility on Ocean Cay will be unique and will pioneer ways to spend time with clients and help the coral rebound,” McKinnon said.

Rick Sasso, MSC Cruises US chairman and ambassador of the MSC Foundation in the Americas, highlighted other environmental initiatives by the cruise line, such as a new carbon-neutral policy.

“SuperCoralPlay is great way to make a sea change to help protect the environment and coral reefs,” he said.

The Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve was formerly an industrial sand mining site before being cleaned up to create the private island for passengers of MSC Cruises.

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