Elite Travel Group will launch a bookable consumer website next month with the aim of driving sales for members.

Elite Collection will offer four and five-star properties, package holidays, car hire and attractions from the consortium’s preferred suppliers.

The website, which is designed to help consumers find a local Elite member, will feature profile pages and links to each agency’s website.

MoreElite adds managed service scheme for members

Over the following three months, each member will get their own free, tailored version of the website.

The site will also encourage calls to agents, as many cruise and luxury bookings are still expected to be made offline.

Elite chairman Wayne Darrock said very few members had bookable websites. “No one is doing something like this for the luxury sector,” he added. “It will combat non-supportive operators and give Elite some protection.

Elite will also overbrand brochures and magazines to reinforce the brand, as well as building a database of members’ clients in order to send out marketing material and drive sales.

“We feel that we have a great brand that should be more commonplace in the consumer market,” said Darrock.

Furthermore, it will build its presence on social media with the aim of distributing a wider range of offers to members more quickly.

MoreElite adds managed service scheme for members