Consumers will continue to flock to Japan despite living in an era of flight shaming and “anxiety about travel”, according to broadcaster and writer Marcel Theroux.

Speaking at Abta’s Travel Convention in Tokyo, Theroux said he believed Japan would remain a “bucket list destination and for good reason”.

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He said: “I think people will continue coming to Japan, even if it’s the only trip they take, in a world of anxiety about travel and in a world of flight shaming.

“This is a place that people are still going to break open the piggybank for to come and visit.”

He shared insight on Japanese etiquette, something he has explored for documentaries he has made, and said he believed the rituals and politeness of the Japanese culture were ways of showing consideration to make “someone’s journey through the world a little more pleasant, a little quieter and a little easier”.

He also explored the concept of ‘wabi-sabi’ – the Japanese philosophy of embracing and appreciating imperfections – which Theroux has studied on previous trips to Japan for documentaries he has made.

“Wabi-sabi describes beauty as impertinent and imperfect things, like autumn leaves that have been flattered by foot steps onto a pavement,” he explained before describing Japan as the country that had “most changed”.

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