TV star Claire Sweeney admitted the prospect of a six-hour coach journey in India had originally filled her with horror – but it turned out to be a relaxing, tranquil experience.

As travel ambassador for solo travel specialist Just You, she talked about her holidays in India and Italy.

“I really enjoyed it – the tranquillity of being on the coach,” she said. “I spend my life organising and delegating; all I had to do was turn up and I had no responsibility.”

She said Just You is a “perfect match” for her as a single mum with a “hunger for travel”, but added: “People think it’s just for single people but one guy was 90, and he’d left his wife at home, as he goes away three or four times a year.”

She had been nervous about meeting fellow travellers but they got to know each other at a welcome reception in an airport lounge – and now keep in touch via WhatsApp.

Pictured second right is Claire Sweeney, with Just You’s Rachel Mould, Graham Bishop and Sarah Weetman.