Brightsun Travel will launch a TV advertising campaign next month with the tagline: ‘An Actual Travel Agency’.

The advertisements will initially target Brightsun’s core audience on Asian TV channels – Sony, Star, Zee, Colors and NDTV – but the agency plans to advertise on Sky next year as it expands into other markets.

The agency has high-street premises in Hounslow and Manchester, as well as call centre and online booking services.

The advertisement features a girl explaining why her parents book holidays, flights, car hire and business travel with Brightsun.

The girl says Brightsun is an “actual travel agency” which is open “day and night”.

Ruth White, head of marketing, said: “We are so proud of this advert as we feel it really gets our message across in a clear, fresh and fun way.

“We are a growing business which is bucking a trend in the current travel market.

“People at home now have the opportunity to book their own travel online, but they often regret this when an unforeseen situation arises and they can’t call a real agent.”

She added: “Historically we are a VFR business, for expat customers visiting friends and relatives overseas, and the Asian demographic is our core business.

“We are now diversifying and reaching a wider audience, hence the Sky plans.”

The agency advertised with British Airways on Sky last year and also advertises on Asian channels but White said this campaign is “a real change of direction”.

A customer competition has been launched to mark the new campaign, with goody bags on offer as prizes.

Brightsun was founded in Soho in 1986 by husband-and-wife team Ram Sarup Nangla and Veena Nangla. He is chairman and she is finance director, while their son Deepak Nangla is managing director.

They employ about 200 people in offices in the UK and India.