Travel firms are being advised on facing court in the latest part of the Counter Fraud 2019 Campaign.

The 10-week email campaign, by Profit, the Fraud Intelligence Network (Fin) and the City of London Police, has sent out advice to members including Abta, to pass on to members.

In part eight of the campaign, it explains that once a fraud has been detected, formal action could either involve taking a person to court yourself as a civil law action or calling in the police, who will decide whether to take criminal law action.

Profit advises that all cyber and economic crime, such as fraud, money laundering and theft, should be reported to the police so that they can gain a picture of the crime and take enforcement action where necessary.

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Profit warns firms to report every fraud case to police

Business can put together and submit an evidential report, commonly known as ‘creating a package’, to the police themselves which, if drafted correctly with all the available evidence, can help the police.

There needs to good evidence of a criminal offence to support a prosecution to do this. If a crime is only suspected, then an Action Fraud report should be completed.

If there is a criminal court case, your company will be alerted by police or the Crime Prosecution Service and a witness care officer will be appointed to answer any questions such as transport and childcare.

Employers are not obliged to pay employees during the time they are in court as witnesses, but expenses such as meals and transport can be claimed by getting an expenses form from a court official.

The campaign, which urges witnesses to dress professionally when giving evidence, offers a detailed itinerary on the process and possible scenarios in the court room.

The email added: “For all witnesses, the goal is to look professional, dressing appropriately for their position in the company or community. Because jurors tend to perceive witnesses they identify with more favourably, the witness should consider selecting clothing and accessories that do not “distance” them from the jury.”

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