Hotels have been accused of “profiteering” from the collapse of Super Break by hiking prices.

Agents claimed Imperial London Hotels inflated prices at some properties that were owed money by Super Break.

Graeme Brett, owner of Westoe Travel, said one hotel, which he did not want to name, tried to charge £985 to rebook a three-night stay that had originally cost £435.

“I told [the hotel] they’d lose the booking and I’d go elsewhere, and they changed their mind,” he said. “I’d urge others to do the same.”

Premier Travel had more than 100 Super Break bookings. Director Paul Waters said most had been rebooked or refunded, but in some cases the agency had been forced to cover the costs.

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“We’ve had a disappointing situation where some hotels have decided they will rebook, but not for the original price. We had a regular client who stays at the County Hotel in London about 12 times a year and they’ve added £15 per night for her bookings in September and October. We covered the costs for her as we don’t want to see her out of pocket.

“We had to do the same for a client at the Grand Hotel Spa in York. We understand hotels saying they’ve lost out, but we’re all going to lose out. It’s a shame that when the industry needs to come together, some are profiteering. It leaves a sour taste.”

One homeworker said she had to rebook seven rooms in one London property booked with Super Break.

“If I had rebooked direct I would have lost £400, but I broke even after using bed banks,” she said. “The hotels are profiting out of the situation, which is despicable.”

Other hotel brands have been praised for honouring the original rates, including Best Western.

A spokesperson said: “We have been encouraging hotels to get in touch with Super Break customers to try and minimise any further disruption.”

Hilton was also accused of increasing prices after the collapse, however the brand has communicated that it will honour the original rates.

A spokesperson for Hilton said: “Hilton is honouring all bookings made via Super Break, which will be charged at the pre agreed rate. Any guests wishing to rebook a cancelled reservation will also be charged at the pre agreed rate.”

Imperial London Hotels failed to provide a response before Travel Weekly went to press.