A Travel Counsellor has come to the rescue of three people who were told to evacuate their homes in Whaley Bridge where it is feared a dam could collapse.

Police on Thursday ordered residents to evacuate their homes as urgent repairs were made to a damaged reservoir wall to prevent the Derbyshire town being flooded.

A severe flood warning, which means a threat to life, was issued for the River Goyt following heavy rainfall.

Dawn Broome, who has been with the homeworking firm Travel Counsellors for 18 years, took in three people and their cats from the evacuation zone yesterday (August 1).

Her home is a four-minute walk from the reservoir, but is located on a hill.

Broome told Travel Weekly: “If that dam does collapse it will flood the town. On Thursday, it was very much ‘let’s get people sorted’. Everyone always pulls together here. I am currently sharing my office with a 22-year-old cat called Mog, who is an evacuee.

“But there is no way that this will stop me doing my job.”

Broome said she managed to finalise a Philippines itinerary for one client and drew up two quotes on Thursday.

Broome plans to keep her customers updated via her Facebook page on Friday as events unfold.

“I’ve had so many messages from customers which has been amazing,” she said. “They have been so caring. My customers come from all over the country.

“I even had one message from a couple who are on holiday in Greece asking how I am.”

Broome added that she feels “reassured” now RAF Chinook has been brought in by emergency services to drop 400 tonnes of aggregate to stop more water getting into the reservoir.