A new report from Accord Marketing offers travel firms tips about trends affecting bookings, including changing demographics and the demand for more local experiences.

Called All Mapped Out 2019, the annual travel report by the tourism marketing specialist also looks at how operators and tourist boards are coping with issues such as sustainability and overtourism.

It says the rise of experiences and activities has been driven by social media and the desire to “live like a local”.

Airbnb has tapped into this trend with its new Experiences venture but others in the trade are also offering local activities, such as Accor hotels.

The report claims sustainability is no longer “just a buzz word”, as topics such as single-use plastics and climate change rise to the top of many travellers’ concerns.

It uses the example of group adventure operator G Adventures which has a ‘ripple score’ to show how its tours benefit local businesses and people.

Further evidence for more responsible travel trends comes from a Travel Weekly/Deloitte report showing the rise of concern about water usage, local benefits, waste disposal and the impact of flying.

In a similar vein, the issue of overtourism is rising up travellers’ agendas as more people have the money to visit popular attractions and destinations.

In response, companies such as Globus and Intrepid Travel are offering more off-the-beaten tracks tours, says the report.

Looking at changes in demographics and family dynamics, the report notes how solo travel and multi-generational holidays are both becoming more popular.

Solo travellers are on the rise, partly because more people are single but also because more tourists want to visit destinations on their wish-list, regardless of what a partner or spouse might like.

It means that more operators, such as Cox & Kings and Intrepid Travel, as well as more cruise lines, are catering for single travellers without penalising them with supplements.

Meanwhile, there is also a growing market for multi-generational travel, with grandparents buying holidays for sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Maria Payne (pictured), Accord’s chief client officer, said: “Every year, our team of data analysts and planning strategists produce an annual travel report exploring emerging trends, returning issues and all the buzzwords.

“Compiled using industry-leading research tools and our own first-hand expertise in travel marketing, we hope that the industry finds our 2019 report to be informative, interesting and packed full of real, actionable insights.”