The government is being urged to support a “full and detailed” consultation into airline failure protection.

Abta argues that the timeframe for responding to a detailed airline insolvency review – proposing a 50p per passenger levy – is not long enough.

The review took two years following the collapse of Monarch Airlines leaving 85,000 to be repatriated, but the industry is only being given six weeks to react.

Abta chief executive Mark Tanzer said: “Abta has long argued for a comprehensive approach to consumer protection relating to airline failure.

“While we recognise this is a complex policy area, and that multiple tools will likely be required to provide a comprehensive solution, Abta believes the proposals represent a sensible and pragmatic basis for further consideration by government.

“However, the timeframe for consultation following the publication of the very rigorous two year airline insolvency review – just six weeks – falls short of the time required to consult fully on and develop the required analysis of an issue of such importance for travellers and the wider travel industry.

“Abta urges the government to bring forward, at the earliest opportunity, a full and detailed consultation on this matter.”

He was speaking as the travel association put forward its response to the government’s aviation strategy green paper.

A review of Air Passenger Duty is a key demand to provide “a taxable policy that takes into account the broader impacts of aviation, including environmental factors, but that does not unfairly penalise the industry or place UK airlines, and the UK economy, at a disadvantage with European competitors”.

Tanzer said: “We believe that APD currently fails the above test.

“There also needs to be a constructive dialogue between government and the industry about developing the right tax and policy framework which supports sustainable growth and job creation right across the UK, recognising the significant contribution the travel industry makes to the UK economy.”

He added: “Another area explored by the strategy is how to achieve sustainable growth in aviation. Understanding and managing the environmental impacts of tourism, including aviation impacts, is one of Abta’s strategic priorities.

“It’s important that the aviation and wider tourism industry work together with government to ensure growth is achieved while also meeting environmental goals.

“Expansion at Heathrow is a good example of this: we continue to support expansion at Heathrow airport on the basis that the airport is able to meet the environmental parameters that have been set.”