Adventure travel specialist Explore has a £110 discount on its five-day Discover Chernobyl escorted tour, departing September 12.

The story of the 1986 explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is currently being shown in a drama on Sky TV.

Explore’s trip visits the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev and spends two days exploring inside the Exclusion Zone – featuring the town of Pripyat, the Red Forest, Chernobyl Docks and the New Safe Confinement structure shell around Reactor 4.

Clients can also meet a self-settler, who chose to return to their home after the accident and has been living within the outer Exclusion Zone ever since.

Also included is a guided walking tour of Kiev, a metro trip to Arsenalna – the deepest station in the world – and a visit to the Lavra Historical and Cultural Reserve to see the Monastery of Caves, which was founded in 1051.

It now costs from £865, which includes flights, transfers and accommodation.

Other departure dates are available.

Pictured: abandoned bumper cars at Pripyat.