Topdeck Travel is featuring Mexico for the first time for 2020-2021.

The youth operator has included its first itinerary to the destination in its new North America brochure.

The 11-day Mexico Unveiled trip includes a trip to the hub of Mexico City and the chance to see the bioluminescent beaches at Isla Holbox, where the water turns a neon blue as a result of light emitted by microalgae underwater.

Also on the tour is a visit to the hidden cenotes of Yucatan – natural sinkholes which result from the collapse of limestone bedrock to expose groundwater underneath – and scenery of Tulum, a coastal town known for its beaches and its ruins of an ancient Mayan port city.

The trip is priced from £1,669, including 10 nights in hostels and coach tour travel.

David Gendle, general manager of sales, said: “The reason we decided on Mexico as our latest destination was quite simple – Topdeckers asked for it. After plenty of research, we’ve built an itinerary that showcases the best of what Mexico has to offer.”

Also new is a 12-day Highlights of America tour, from £2,239, travelling from Los Angeles to New York, and the 19-day All American Outdoors, from Seattle to Los Angeles, from £2,859.

Other trips featured in the new brochure include a 10-day Canadian Rockies adventure across Athabasca’s glaciers – which offers a zipline experience, hiking through Jasper National Park, and hot springs – and a 25-day Road Trip USA. This features night illumination tours in Washington DC; slow-ride pub crawls in Savannah, Georgia; a 15-person bike ride; and Cadillac spray painting in Amarillo, Texas.

Popular early bird trips for 2020 are the 22-day West Coast Cruiser; 14-day USA & Canada Adventure; and 11-day BBQ & Blues.

The operator caters for travellers aged 18 to 39.