Adventure travel specialist Intrepid Travel has expanded its range of ‘expedition’ trips for 2019, taking travellers to western Mongolia, the Solomon Islands, India and Russia.

The new Mongolia Expedition is called Wilderness of the West.

Departing on September 19, the 15-day tour costs from £2,885, and includes Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, and a stay with nomadic families in traditional gers (yurts).

Clients will also have the chance to see wildlife including ibex, argali sheep and snow leopard, and can join Kazakh eagle hunters at a local celebration.

The eight-day Solomon Islands Expedition costs from £1,125 and departs on September 1.

Travelling from the capital Honiara, clients can visit Second World War battle sites.

There will also be a chance to explore the islands’ Melanesian culture and swim or snorkel along the reefs.

In India, the 13-day Markets and Jungles of Odisha trip costs from £1,445 and departs October 26.

Clients can visit the markets of Odisha and explore the city of Kolkata, and the excavated ancient caves of Khandagiri and Udaigiri.

Also added for 2019 is a 15-day Russia Expedition called Winter Trans-Siberian Adventure. Departing on December 22, it costs from £1,750 and features travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Old Believers Village near Ulan Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia and homeland of the Buryat people.

Clients can also visit Lake Baikal, where they can make dumplings with a local family, try the banya (Russian sauna) and cook fish on a campfire by the lakeside.

The prices do not include air fares.

Pictured: Nenet reindeer herders in Labrovaya, Siberia.