Lufthansa Group has increased GDS booking fees to £14 from June 1 this year because of sterling’s continued “devaluation”.

The airline group, comprised of Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and Swiss initially imposed an £11.30 Distribution Cost Charge (DCC) in 2015 on all GDS bookings from September 1 that year.

The group said: “The increase is due to the devaluation of the GBP currency in the recent year.”

It also said: “In the UK, already a strongly increasing number of travel agents are in a position to take advantage of this saving, leading to a consistent price advantage of up to £60 on a round trip over the traditional GDS.”

The DCC does not apply to travel agents using the groups online booking tool.

The increase follows IAG-owned British Airways and Iberia increasing their surcharges on GDS bookings from £8 to £9 in September last year.

Lufthansa recently became the first airline group to receive the IATA NDC Level 4 as well as the ONE Order certification.