If ever there was a time to embrace the phrase ‘carpe diem’ and seize the day, it would be now.

The decision to kick the Brexit can further down the road doesn’t help deal with the fundamental issues that led many consumers to hold back on their holiday purchases in the past couple of months.

But from the conversations we’ve been having, it seems clear that the new timescales offer some breathing space for the summer season and that appears to be translating to bookings.

As Paris specialists will be acutely aware this week, the travel industry is always susceptible to incidents and circumstances that are impossible to predict.

And that makes it even more important to seize the opportunity to remind people now why they should stop dreaming about getting away from the grind and make that dream a reality.

For the past six months and beyond, we have consistently reiterated that scare stories and alarmist claims about the effect of Brexit on holidaymakers have more often been rooted in fantasy than fact. Now those fears can take something of a back seat, for a short while at least. It’s time to think of innovative and fun marketing messages to push potential bookers over the line.

As we also report this week, there are plenty of reasons for optimism, with agents across the UK expanding their businesses. We all hope the sunny weather predicted for many over the Easter weekend will be reflected in some bright trading reports in the coming weeks.

Comment from Travel Weekly April 18 edition