Almost one in seven couples have split up because of the stress of trying to book a holiday, claims new research.

A poll of 2,000 people by Flight Centre found that 14% of couples ended their relationship when rowing about holiday choices.

Nearly two thirds (60%) of couples have argued or become stressed when organising a holiday, and more than one third (37%) have negative experiences of booking a trip.

Almost half (45%) of people in relationships said they would rather have someone else to organise their holiday for them – but only 4.5% of couples actually do seek help.

And leaving the job to just one person doesn’t always solve the stress, as 59% of women said they would not trust their partner to book a holiday by themselves.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Flight Centre said it is “playing cupid” and highlighting how using a travel agent can reduce stress for couples.

Lucy Clifton, Flight Centre head of operations, said: “With so many stumbling blocks in the way of the perfect holiday, it’s easy to become bogged down by the details and let tempers escalate.

“We want to put the romance back into couples’ holidays, letting both partners speak with our expert consultants to plan their dream holiday and make the difficult decisions on their behalf.”

The research showed that arguments arise over disputes about the destination, when to fly and what budget to have.

Furthermore, 8.3% of people surveyed said they also argued while on holiday, thanks to poor planning and not booking extras and excursions in advance.