Agents have been pitting their travel knowledge against artificial intelligence in an experiment set up by Kuoni.

The operator challenged its travel experts to take on the internet and filmed the outcome for a YouTube video.

The AI robot was asked a set of questions, such as “Tell me the difference between Antigua and Mexico?” and responded with the average life expectancy between both countries.

However, Kuoni agent, Rachel from Guildford, explains the attractions of both destinations to potential holidaymakers.

When asked the difference between Patagonia and Chile, agent Andy from Kingston highlights Chile’s “amazing” wine and culture while he highlights Patagonia for wildlife and the Andes.

The machine gives a factual description of Patagonia and then goes on to talk about the chilli peppers.

The robot was also unable to identify the best hotel in Thailand and describes Bali as a member of the grass family. However both Kuoni agent Claudia and the machine identified Cape Town as their favourite city in South Africa although AI failed to provide any description or reason to visit.

Kuoni agent Josh from Canterbury disagrees with the robot’s view of Male being the best island in the Maldives.

A Kuoni spokeswoman said that the test was designed to extend the company’s ‘turn of year Travel Worth Talking About’ campaign.

The film “is designed to be shared on our social media and is all about showcasing the knowledge and expertise of real people

“We’re huge supporters of travel agents this film is all about celebrating why real experts are still so valuable

“From dream catchers to the best places to see in Chile, we wanted to have some fun to show that no machine can listen to customers the way travel experts do.”