Amari, the 11-strong, Thailand-based hotel chain, is embarking on a rollout of 40 new hotels over the next eight years.

The chain has recently been rebranded to give it a more contemporary feel and is looking to expand this format outside its traditional base of Thailand.

It is expecting to open its first properties in India, where demand for new hotels is still strong.

Amari president and chief executive, Peter Henley, said: “India is just about the only market where demand is outstripping supply,”

There are also plans to expand into Indonesia, Australia and China, he added.

The four-star-plus hotel chain admitted current business is down due to the recession, and it had seen evidence of five-star customers trading down to the four-star market.

However, Henley said there are signs of a rise in consumer confidence.

He added: “We want to double our annual profits by 2018 and our target is to expand from 11 hotels to 51 across Asia Pacific.

“The UK is our most significant international market and in the next six months or so we will be talking to the trade with a new campaign.”