A woman involved in a fight on a Jet2 flight has been ordered to pay the airline £3,000.

The service from Stansted to Gran Canaria in July 2017 had to be diverted to Faro in the interests of safety.

The argument escalated to the point of physical violence, leaving the crew with no choice but to divert the aircraft to Faro airport so that the couple could be removed by police in the interests of safety, according to the airline.

As well as banning the couple for life, the carrier also took steps to recover losses which incurred as a result of the unnecessary diversion.

Passenger Pauline Gordon, who was travelling with partner Roland St Ville, has now been ordered by Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court to repay more than £3,000.

Jet2.com managing director Phil Ward said: “This is the latest of many successful court rulings against disruptive passenger behaviour, showing once again that there are serious consequences if you act in a disruptive fashion onboard an aircraft.

“As well as being banned from flying with us for life, Miss Gordon must now repay us for losses incurred, which came about as a direct result of her actions.

“As a family friendly airline carrying millions of holidaymakers, many of whom are families, we want our customers to have an enjoyable flight experience without the actions of a disruptive few spoiling it.”