Brexit uncertainty means that UK consumers are more likely to opt for all-inclusive holidays for summer 2019, a new poll reveals.

Millennials are twice as likely to choose an all-in break compared to the over-55s surveyed.

The millennial generation fear Brexit the most, with 25% of 18-34 year olds stating that it will impact their holiday-making decision for 2019 with 49% of them considering a non-EU destination.

Those aged 55 and over are far less worried, with only 9% suggesting that Brexit will impact their 2019 holiday decision. They appear to be remaining with European holidays with only about a third considering a holiday in a non-EU destination.

Looking at holidays beyond the EU, over 45% of those surveyed would consider a holiday in eastern Mediterranean and north Africa destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt.

These countries are reporting a strong growth in interest and bookings with many well-known for their wide range of all-inclusive hotels.

All-inclusive holiday searches to Turkey are up 83% year-on-year and up 20% to Egypt, according to Google search volume.

The top two concerns about holidays in the EU after Brexit are passport issues and the cost of holidays.

Almost quarter of 2,000 people asked by online travel agent Love Holidays expressed concern about passports and visas when holidaying in the EU after Brexit.

A quarter are thinking about the money in their pocket with currency and exchange rate worries.

However, mobile phone roaming charges and queues at passport control are lesser concerns.

Love Holidays marketing director Christian Armond said: “With peak booking season for 2019 holidays around the corner, we are anticipating an increase in bookings for all-inclusive holidays.

“These holidays appeal in the current Brexit climate as there are no hidden extras with the cost of meals and drinks all included.”