American Airlines will allow passengers with nut allergies to board aircrafts early to avoid potential exposure.

The Texas-based airline will implement the new policy next month, allowing  those suffering with allergies to peanuts and tree-nuts to board ahead of other passengers to wipe down surfaces.

The new policy will come into effect on December 12 as part of the update of policy manuals, the airline confirmed in said in a filing with the United States Department of Transportation this week.

A spokesman for the American Airlines said in a statement: “Customers with nut allergies who would like to board flights early to wipe down surfaces may ask to do so at the gate.

“Though we do not serve peanuts in flight, we can’t guarantee our customers won’t be exposed to peanuts or other tree nuts during their trip. We strongly encourage those with allergies to take all necessary medical precautions before flying.”

Delta Air Lines currently allows passengers with nut allergies to board flights early to clean the seating area.