Phil Boggon has been promoted to chief operating officer of open-top sightseeing tours firm Big Bus Tours.

He steps up into the newly-created role from his previous position as western Europe executive vice president.

Boggon was previously managing director of Monarch Travel Group and director of packages at Expedia.

He will be responsible for all areas of the day-to-day operation of Big Bus Tours, customer experience, engineering and leading the operations leadership team.

A new executive vice president for Europe covering Paris, London, Rome and Dublin is yet to be announced.

Company CEO Alex Payne said: “The quality of our customer experience is paramount to our business.

“As we continue to improve the quality of our experience, evidenced by the ongoing improvements in customer satisfaction and advocacy ratings, and continue to grow geographically, with Dublin and Singapore, our most recent new cities, and soon L.A., all this has made us a bigger business, now with a fleet of close to 500 vehicles, carrying almost six million passengers a year, and over 2,000 employees.”

“In order to maintain this operational focus in this period of growth, we have introduced the new chief operating officer role.

“Phil has a wealth of operational experience, having lead four key cities within Big Bus Tours.

“We are thrilled to have a steady hand at the operational helm as we continue to expand across the world, digitally transform the business and accelerate our innovation to provide city visitors with the highest level of customer experience. The new structure will enable the business to have a better focus and balance between operational excellence and business transformation.”