G Adventures has announced its largest ever incentive programme, which will see 100 agents from all over the world go on a trip to see one of its social enterprise projects in action.

Fifteen places on the small group adventure operator’s Change Makers Challenge for agents from the UK and Ireland – ten based on sales performance, three handed out to those who can demonstrate the impact they make in their own community, and two wildcards.

They will win a place on the trip to a Change Makers Summit – which will take place at a mystery destination that is home to one of G Adventures’ Planeterra projects.

The incentive is live now and runs until March 31.

Agents from the UK & Ireland will join counterparts from Central Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia & New Zealand for the week-log trip to see G Adventures’ responsible travel initiatives firsthand.

The company’s founder, Bruce Poon Tip, will join the group for the final night.

David Green, vice president commercial, G Adventures, said the new incentive is designed to remind its agent partners that each G Adventures trip they sell has a positive impact on both their customers and local people in the destinations G Adventures takes its customers.

“At G Adventures, we change the lives of our travellers when they choose to explore the world with us and, as a social enterprise, we change the lives of local people in the destinations to which we travel,” he said.

“We’re asking our agents to become ‘Change Makers’ – to realise the impact they can have, and to recognise why our world deserves more of them, and their customers, in it.”

Announcing the incentive to a select group of agents and media in London on Monday night, managing director Brian Young said: “You will have the chance to create meaningful connections with travel agents from across the world, and it will be massively beneficial from your perspective selling G Adventures.”

Young also unveiled plans to roll out WiFi across G Adventures trips from January, announced plans to upgrade its app so that guests have a chat facility and airport ‘cheat sheet’.

He also announced a Gear Shop where customers can buy equipment needed for their trips and revealed plans for 52 new trips in four new regions – with 34 new possible combinations. Eight were in G Adventures’ National Geographic range, including the Northern Peru Explorer, Tanzania Active Safari and the introduction of its first trip in Taiwan.

G Adventures’ Your Moments range of activities has also been split up into eight categories, including food, wellness and ‘big night out’, offering guests the chance to choose add ons.

  • T&Cs apply. Agents can ask their G Adventures ‘Sherpa’ for more information