Among all the latest debate and a fair amount of negativity about how Brexit – deal or no-deal  – will affect the travel industry, three positive agent-focused stories have come to the fore.

One comes from tragedy, another from adversity, and a third is driven by charity, but all demonstrate how agents play pivotal roles in the communities they serve.

In this week’s issue we hear how donations from the industry to travel charity Abta LifeLine helped pay for the funeral and wake of murdered Tui agent Cassie Hayes – and sparked plans for a fundraising day so the charity can continue to help other agents in need.

We also write about a leading independent agent – an industry veteran of 50 years – as he is appointed provost mayor of his home town in recognition of the work he has done for charity to support people locally and farther afield.

And finally, we cover the story of an agent who has made it his personal crusade to encourage UK tour operators to use their influence to urge hotels to lift restrictive policies towards disabled travellers, after becoming paralysed himself.

The subject of this final story is heading to Brussels to address the World Summit on Accessible Tourism – a great demonstration of the passion many agents have to be forces for good.

Each of these stories highlights in different ways the esteem in which agents are often held, and they are certainly not alone. It’s a privilege to be able to shine a light on them.