Groups of revellers have been urged by the aviation industry to fly responsibly or risk the party ending at the airport.

The warning came as figures revealed that the larger the group, the greater the risk of a disruptive incident during the journey.

Groups of airline passengers account for up to two-thirds of all incidents at individual airports, according to partners behind the government-backed ‘One Too Many’ public awareness campaign unveiled in July by travel retailers, airports and airlines.

Campaign findings reveal that up to two-thirds of incidents caused by irresponsible drinking when travelling have involved those on group holidays including hen and stag parties.

The average cost of an overseas hen/stag party has risen to £998 per person – meaning those who are too intoxicated to fly are making a costly mistake, the campaign said.

Large numbers of young travellers are expected to pass through airports to travel to popular end of summer closing party locations such as Ibiza, as well as those looking to enjoy the last of the sun and take advantage of cheaper flights.

The campaign highlights that disruptive behaviour caused by irresponsible drinking means that passengers risk being denied boarding, face heavy fines, an airline ban and fees of up to £80,000 for the most serious in-flight incidents.

UK Travel Retail Forum chair Francois Bourienne said: “Cases of serious disruptive behaviour are not just limited to younger parties of lads and girls but over the summer period they have been found to be an at-risk group.

‘Traditionally, late September and October is a popular time for single travellers taking advantage of cheaper flights or jetting off for end of season parties.

“We want to particularly remind these groups that consequences will be enforced and that means the party could end before you reach your destination.”

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