During my career in the travel trade media, I have enjoyed many incredible experiences – but becoming the godmother of a cruise ship ranks right up there as one of the most memorable.

Of course, I was flattered to be chosen to be the cogodmother of Azamara Pursuit, and privileged to represent you, the readers of Travel Weekly, as I accepted the honour.

But despite all the glamour, pomp and circumstance, it was a series of very personal moments that truly stood out.

Throughout my stay on board, I was fortunate enough to meet many amazing crew members, but in particular, a young woman called Sherwyn, a tourism management graduate from the Philippines, who looked after us.

She was passionate about her job, her employer and serving her customers to the very best of her ability.

The quality and personal service offered by staff on board cruise ships is no secret, but I was still blown away by how Sherwyn looked after us – and the reaction to a social media post I made to that effect suggested I wasn’t alone in appreciating such superb service.

My experience with Sherwyn reminded me that none of the amazing companies operating in the travel industry could have any success without the people who deliver their product and core values to customers.

And as we launch the 2019 Globe Travel Awards – the biggest in the industry – it gave me a real lift to think we will not only be recognising the best travel brands in the UK next January but also recognising the dedication and passion of thousands of people, like Sherwyn, who keep them at the top of their game.

Comment from Travel Weekly September 6 edition