The number of Britons who took an ocean cruise last year is higher than first thought after Clia revised its figures.

The industry body now says 1,971,000 people took a cruise on open water, rather than the initial figure – 1,959,000 – which was released in March.

This new total represents a growth rate of 4.3%, against 2016.

Clia was able to announce the new figure after receiving all 2017 data from cruise lines.

Andy Harmer, senior vice-president membership and Clia UK and Ireland director, said the revised figure meant it was “highly likely” for the number of passengers will surpass two million this year for the first time.

The new 2017 figure shows cruise’s share of the overall holiday market stood at just over 4%, and just under 11% of overseas package holidays, in line with figures seen in 2016.

Harmer added: “With an unprecedented number of ships on the global order book, there has never been a better time to take a cruise, with a wider choice of ships, itinerary and style of cruise than ever before.”