Exodus Travels aims to eradicate single-use plastic bottles from all its trips by the end of the year.

The pledge comes two years after the operator introduced a ‘ban the bottle’ campaign to work towards eradicating plastic water bottles from all tours.

A spokeswoman said: “We were aware that in many destinations, travellers had little option but to purchase multiple bottles of water to ensure they were drinking safe, clean water.

“We quickly realised this had to change. Working closely with our local partners, leaders and travellers we identified solutions to the reliance on plastic bottles.”
The operator is providing 20 litre reusable containers of drinking water in many countries so clients can top up bottles throughout the day.

The initiative resulted in 65,000 fewer plastic bottles being consumed in Costa Rica and 90,000 fewer being used in India last year.

The company estimated that 85% of people can now travel without the need to purchase a single use plastic water bottle.

“We are now challenging ourselves to go completely single-use plastic bottle free on all of our trips by the end of 2018,” the spokeswoman added.

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