Unions at Air France suspended a planned four-day strike from June 23 following a plea from the airline.

An on-going pay dispute triggered the resignation of Air France –KLM chief executive Jean-Marc Janaillac last month.

The unions said they would wait for the appointment of a new boss to continue negotiations.

The row has already resulted in 15 days of walkouts this year, costing the airline group up to €400 million.

Air France called on unions to lift the latest strike notice after warning that more industrial action “would worsen the company’s situation and have a major impact on our customers on the eve of the busy summer period”.

The carrier last week presented new measures to the Air France central works council in response to staff concerns raised during a recent consultation.

However, the board of directors also confirmed that there was “no mandate for new pay negotiations in the present circumstances pending a new governance structure”.

Air France recently brought in an interim president, Anne-Marie Couderc, who will fill the role until it is permanently filled in July.