The biggest Brexit concerns among UK travellers appears to mainly be coming from millennials.

More than 40% of respondents aged 18-25 to a new poll believe Brexit will have an impact on their travel plans in the next five years – the highest percentage for any age range.

However, the majority of British people do not think Brexit will affect where they travel any time soon, according to the research.

The result of a poll of more than 2,000 respondents comes almost two years since the vote to decide whether to remain or leave the European Union.

The survey showed that only 36.5% of Britons believe Brexit will have any kind of effect on where they travel in the next five years.

To further substantiate the UK’s indifference towards Brexit in terms of travel, the study also revealed that 57.3% of people plan to take their next holiday within EU countries.

This is despite likely new rules and regulations for travelling to Europe after Brexit next March.

Other results showed that 38.3% of people spend less than £500 on booking a holiday, while 37.3% can have a great trip for less than £1,500.

The poll conducted by travel insurance comparison website found 56.7% of Britons prefer to take their holiday in the summer months, with 43% opting for a beach break.