A new food-led bar concept is to be introduced into airports owned by Manchester Airports Group.

The Proof brand will make its first appearance at East Midlands airport this summer before being introduced to Manchester airport and Stansted.

The Proof bars will be entirely owned and operated by MAG’s in-house lounges team who are also behind the group’s Escape and 1903 Lounge concepts, with seven lounges in the UK and four open in the US.

The catering and bar operation for MAG’s UK Escape Lounges was also all brought in house last year, giving the airports operator end-to-end control of the operation of its airport lounges.

Each Proof bar will be numbered, with the number denoting the year in which the host airport commenced commercial flight operations.

The first bar at East Midlands will be called Proof 65, reflecting, the local history of the airport and area, as well as featuring the work of local artists on its walls.

The opening will create job opportunities at the airport this summer including a general manager, for both Proof 65 and the airport’s Escape Lounge.

MAG lounges executive vice president Beth Brewster said: “MAG is innovative in the UK in establishing its own in-house food and beverage product.

“Ultimately, we are trying to give our passengers the best possible choice of environment as they spend time in our terminals, whether that’s at an airport lounge, at a MAG-operated bar, or at one of our fantastic partner brand restaurant, bars and coffee shops.”